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Interview with [-SKY-]Dominator

Tuesday, 1 Nov 2011
Рубрика: English | Комментировать (9)
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This interview had been taken by [-sky-]bojik and then translated into english by me) there was a certain pause between Russian and English version due to loads of work had to be done by me; i always posponed the translation, but now i finally have time) enjoy) questions, replies

 I congratulate you with your second victory in Rliga! Tell me about your feelings after the Final.

 First of all, i would like to thank all admins and players who participated in this tournament.In this season i was longing to play speedwar which will be streemed by Administration, and finally it happened) When a glanced at the player-list and saw my future opponents, i presumed that its gonna be hot. Also i noticed that the net, i got the impression that it looked very much a like with a previous one ( when i won the tournament ). There were many top-players in the upper part of it and only a few in the lower.I am very happy with the results of this Rliga and i thank all who congratulated me) The final was the hardest game, thanks to Gannibal who showed a very good game!

Did you expect your victory? What place did you anticipate to take?

Honestly, i was sure i was going for victory) At least i was certain about my precense in the semifinal.I knew what tactic each player is going to take. At least, i was sure about CatWeazel and Gannibal playing in dragoons. This is where I rememberd some old secrets)))

Your first opponent was [KGR]Pumba. Were you not scared by such a strong opponent in the first game? In my opinion, starting tournament in a fight with a strong foe is a bad sign)

I WAS scared) Pumba is a wothy opponent indeed, and i knew it was going to be hot.All in all, my way to victory was a Way of Heroes - every my opponent was a top-player.There was a rush-game vs Pumba where i was a bit better in controlling soldiers. By the way, why do you consider a first-fight vs a strong opponent to be a bad sign?

I can assure you it IS a bad sign. As a man who had Fighter as a first-game enemy i assure you))Your second opponent was [IM]Nutcracker. How was that?

He is rahter a DEF player... But a made a terrible mistake in the beginning which could've caused my defeat. I noticed the absence og hussars and, naturally, thought that he was playing in Dragoons, so I attacked. When i lost my hussars, i was attacked by a heap of Nutcracker's hussars. I manged to survive it, then i had a better build from which i took advantage and won.

You had V^eXp^Z then...

Oh, our celebrity))))I have no idea why, but when i play against him i always do it on a high level , every action i do is thoroughly thought-through. And here is the result)There was a lag cuased by stream, that's why i had 6 TCs. As a result i had much more pikes 18th century. Vista played very agressively ( by the way, thank you Vista fot that, i don't like campers ). He had two flanks, with officers and hussars. I ordered all my hussars to attack one of them which gave me an advantage. A little group of my hussars blocked three of his 18th cent. barracks. There were a couple of problems with defending my second flank... After the general battle finished, i still had 200 hussars. I maneuvered a bit and then the only thing i had to do was to finish his base.

You are a bit too self-confident now, aren't you?) Vista will not forget about this)

Well, Vista grows really fast and may be it is him you 'll have to interview next time)

In semifinale your opponent was the winner of Summer Speedwar Tournamen hosted by BMC. You have faced him then and you lost. Also you lost him a lot of LCN-games this June. Did not you feel yourself... i dont know... doomed? Or, on contrary, you were eager to fight?In chat players were making bets and the majority was sure about CatWeazel's victory ,which was quite logical. Was that not provoking?

CatWeazel is one of the best million-players. But i wanted to make things right this time and prove that Cat is not a tougher speedwar-player than me. I was defeated many times by him and i understood my general mistake: if you let him make a good build and upgrade Dragoons, it will be dashed difficult to win.The opinions about my likely loss were provoking indeed. I felt myself humiliated ...

Well, you have proved they were wrong) I gather you were very careful in the games, trying to avoid even the slightest mistakes)

Thank you) You must not act rush in this game and a good beginning does not mean victory. In all my matches i tried to play without serious mistakes, i also wanted to show elaborate maneuvers and some innovations in building.

When did you realise that the game was yours? when you blocked some important buildings or you relaxed only after you had seen "victory" on your screen?

Well, when i blocked importnat biuldings, it was obvious that i have to just go on like that. I payed a lot of attention to controlling soldiers and it did the trick.

How fast did you realise that you had your revenge by winning Catweazel in such an important game?

After the game i went to the chat and was delighted to see other players congratulating me. I thought that even if i loose in the final , 2nd place is a very good result anyway. The memories about winning CatWeazel expired after 2 minutes due to the beginning of the final.

By the way, did you now that at the same moment with the beginning of your final a football match Barselona-Atletiko started?

OMG, i completely forgot about that... Who is leading now?

Barselona, 3-0. Another interesting fact: Vilya scored the first goal just in the moment when you had a successful raid and burned Gannibal's barracks. I knew then that it is a good sign)Do you not regret that you preferred playing rliga to watching football?

I can watch it in the Intarnet) And rliga may be the last one for me in this year. I am happy to deliver pleasure to the ones who wanted me to win) By the way, real madirid 0-1 rayo valyekano)

It was on the 17th second of the match) refresh the score)) 6-2 Real madrid won)Well, lets discuss the Final. How did you feel then? Nervous? I think that despite your view that 2nd place is a good enough achievement, you wanted to win) Подробная информация Вулкан Россия онлайн и перейти поиграть можно по этой ссылке.

Yeah, i wanted to win very much)My hands did tremble, during the first attack i lost a lot of hussars and thought that i was finished. But then i calmed down and tried to use my opponent's mistakes.

Since i have seen the game only in stream ( btw, upload the record, Victor is angry about that ;)) , the only thing which i remember well is your two raids aimed on the barracks 18th century. Did you really believe in the success of this maneuver? Or did you do it just to calm down your conscience ( "at least i have tried")?

I have made two attempts... the first time i was quite sure that i will succeed, but Gannibal's dragons shot my hussar down. It was absolutely logical that Gannibal will protect his barracks now, but for some reasons he did not do it. So, i made a second attempt and my hussar captured barracks) It's a pity that he died.

Fred gave a very long speech about the hussar's feat)Also i remember the raid you made straight into the Gannibal's town. What was the target?To distract dragoons or to slay as any soldiers as possible?

I wanted to kill peasants and to capture something ( like in the game vs CatWeazel ). Also i wanted Gannibal's officers to fall back.As a result i killed an ample amount of his dragoons who were lest without cover.

Were you intending to block DC than? The spectators were discussing this question very actively.

No, i did not.I only wanted Gannibals Dragoons to be far away from barracks 18th cent. so that my musketeers could kill the peasants. The idea to block DC came during the fight.

So, you had a little advantage and retreated to your town where you had 4 Barracks 18th cent. working and two almost ready. Fred said then that we were going to see how to play speedwar against def ( may be he was alluding to Gannbal who started hiring musketeers ).Did you have any certain plan for this game ?

I have got some different strategies against Dragoons ( some of them i learnt from Armenia ) . When you play speedwar you may try to play rush. If you win - good, if you don't - then fall back and play different tactic. When i realised that nothing i planned didn't work, i decided ti camp and to collect more soldiers. I knew that i had more resources and points and that sooner or later Gannibal will have to attack. I think that in speedwar dragoons and musketeers are wearer than hussars.Also i 'd like to say that hussars are the most maneuverable units in Cossacks and i like playing against dragoons because there are a lot of opportunities for maneuvering. By the way, a movie about hussars is coming soon)

A movie? Cool) But let us have this as an intriguing secret)Well, i congratulate you again. good luck in your future games!Barselona is leading 5-0 now...

Thank you. I am very happy with my victory and i am glad to deliver pleasure to my friends and clanmates, This is my first victory in Rliga under sky logo and i think, not the last) I thank admins for creative ideas and all players for good games!

Translated by ^APXAAJIb^

Разместил: [KGR]Esprit_PH

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Это конечно отлично,но будет на русском языке?) 

добавлено 2 Nov 2011  12:46

А всё увидел))Извиняюсь) 

добавлено 2 Nov 2011  12:47

"This interview had been taken by [-sky-]bojik" 

apxaajib, ты вроде не любишь когда твой ник коверкают (даже нижний регистр), что ж сам так делаешь?

добавлено 2 Nov 2011  20:58

Админы, дайте уже возможность редактировать статьи :D

добавлено 2 Nov 2011  21:55

´@bojik: lol !

добавлено 3 Nov 2011  11:03

 Самому архаалю, как обычно, ответить нечего и нечем.

´@catweazel: lol.

добавлено 6 Nov 2011  17:41

А нет варианта что мне лень отвечать тебе на вопрос, ответ на который и так очевиден?

добавлено 6 Nov 2011  18:47

По сути, как обычно, и не ответил) Умничка)

добавлено 6 Nov 2011  20:34

спасиб боджик)

добавлено 7 Nov 2011  13:02

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