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Interview with [-UNION-]FIGHTER

Wednesday, 2 May 2012
Рубрика: English | Комментировать (12)
Просмотров: 1030


Hey Fighter, how's life? How to Fire School?

Hello, im not person who can say im satisfied of my life) Its not so intresting school for person in 21 years old nvm it was my own decision)


Yeah, school is not interested at a young age :) What do you do when there is no school? Just do not write to drink, hang about the girls, watching TV :)

Im sitting on toilet sometimes yet) i love events like I will be so glad if time let me be in tomorrowland this year.


Forgot about the toilet, sorry :) What sport are you keen on? I give you a hint, Fedor ...

Yes im big fan of MMA, by the way I'm also like football, badminton and dance ))


What do you like to dance?) I think that the ballet ... joke) some club?


Do u know style of dance after 0.5l vodka? Such style i like ;d

You meant Kalinka-Malinka with elements of hip-hop :) Someone told me (who could it be? ...) That you went to the Ukraine, as well, you there :)

So ye i was in ukraine 7 days in Lviv) is so crazy city in my opinion great place for vacation. Beatifull girls, good alcohol and nice clubs!

Yes, Ukraine is well :) in the Iron port is not going to?


No i will not go to iron port this year

Well, we talked a bit about life, but as we talk about the Cossacks cossackers. Your favorite option?

My favorites options 1-5 0pt and 30 no rules

Why are you never learned to Def 10pt? I watched the game on your GSC, you played with Vadim, and beat him :)


I played 10pt and 0 $$$ with VrV and Catty somes games i was not bad we gave good show in several games, after some games this rules make me boring


Well) now call the players in the 1000-5000 0pt, which could become strong players

Someone can become top players only if he will trening with top players actually lot of them not playing, in last 2 years was lot of good players but no one of them came over the top its depend of person

Now out of the top players play only you, Mask, Bulgakov. At the same time they have no desire to play with players worse than their level. How then can the other players to become strong? What is your recipe for success?

They have to believe in yourself and hard training

Why go to the -UNION- ?...

Lot of my good friends played there and they invite me to join UNION it's very interesting clan

Long ago, during the Dinosaurs you were in the HKA, has been associated with what care?

Yes I played in HKA I had there one good friends HKA Gang-Bang, they very fast become inactiv clan

Well, at the end of an interview with two questions. Who would the cossackers would like to meet?

I want to meet with all crazy people who like be stoned and have a good fun: Make, Kefir etc i'm interesting of all meeting with such persons!

Thank you for the interview that you want to wish the admins, players, and other guys who want to run the clubs?


Run the clubs? all interesting people just this, who will not ask me about school and music which i Like ))) yes thank u very much and see u in tomorrow Land i hope))

Thank you, good luck.

Разместил: [KGR]_C_

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good job, но интервью с файтером уже было
добавлено 3 May 2012  12:48
это же файтер)ему можно и 5 интервью
добавлено 3 May 2012  12:50
экспресс интервью:)
добавлено 3 May 2012  12:58
very good nice :D " i love events like I will be so glad if time let me be in tomorrowland this year." but Kazantip steeper!!!!
добавлено 3 May 2012  14:13
good interwiev guys! Fedor, did u buy tickets for euro 2012? How country must win in final , ukraine or poland? xD
добавлено 3 May 2012  14:16
блин братан, ты снова чтоль буи пинаешь?
добавлено 3 May 2012  14:17
а руский вариант когда ?
добавлено 3 May 2012  16:14
Когда кто-то захочет перевести
добавлено 3 May 2012  16:17
То переведи!))))
добавлено 3 May 2012  16:35
Nice interview!Fifi when will u start to play again in lcn?I wanna more records! :D
добавлено 3 May 2012  18:49
интервью конечно же взято во время игры!
добавлено 17 May 2012  14:51
Порш жжошь)
добавлено 17 May 2012  17:09

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