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Interview with one of the very best millions-players of all times - [KGR]PumbA-BoB

Thursday, 17 May 2012
Рубрика: English | Комментировать (114)
Просмотров: 2187

So this is my first work. I have decided to interview my friend and companion of my clan – Pumba, who is being widely seen as the second best Cossacks player in the history of millions.  Under these conditions it is surprising that he never was interviewed before and now the time has come to change that. It took by the way 4 weeks to finish this interview :D. 2 Hours to ask the questions and the rest of the time to Pumba to finish his answers :D

Hello Pumba. This will be your first interview. Are you nervous ? :-)

Answer: No, Im not really nervous.

Tell us something about yourself as a person please, you decide yourself how much you want to tell!

Answer: Firstly, I wanna say thanks for that interview. Well in real life i'm a person who have a normal work with a normal life. Im a person whos doing 6 times a week sports, without it I would be a wreck! I like it to stay fit in my life. Other things I like to do is going to party, watching films and not to forget playing Cossacks ;)

So, let's start from the beginning and go through the interview in a chronological order... How and when did you get to know Cossacks? In which clans were you ?
Which other players were close to you ? Which options you played in the beginning ?

Answer: Its long time ago and I really don’t know the real date of my first game, but I think I started in 2005 with Cossacks. Wow im really surprised. I already play this game since 7 years wtf.

In beginning I started like a noob (like all of us). The first player I get to know was [SUPREME]Kbed a 1k, 5k player. That’s why I played in beginning this two options. I joined this clan, but the comprehension between him and me wasn’t as good (. He spoke French and me English and german. Most things he told me I don’t understand.

After that, I joined many clans, I don’t remember all but I was in: [SUPREME], [IAE], [EOK], [_EnG_], [BoB] and [KGR] there where some more, but I don’t remember them all.

So I got to know many players in Cossacks. Some who are close to me (sry If I forgot sb): the whole [KGR] clan especially catty, mustang, icequeen some others were dominator, ganibal #1 and soulja.

And what is the reason for the fact that millions became your favorite option ?

Answer: Like many players I started to play AOP which, well can I say is the noob version of millions default? It's funny always when you join an AOP game the players there know you, but they always aks you: “Its AOP pumba, not def. Do you know this options?” Funny that they think there's a difference between millions default and AOP .
Well, all In all I like to play with a big army, that’s why millions is my favourite option. I also play 1k 0pt, 1k 20pt no market.


The beginning of your legend was for sure your appearance in the legendary West vs East Tournament of 2009 in which the West had a tremendous and unexpected victory over the East with a final score of 47:39, which was also because you took part. Before the tournament nobody knew you except me and a few others, after everyone knew you as you have had remarkable victories against Cortes with 2:1 and against VRV with 3:0. What was the reason for your sudden strengthening ? What made you become so powerful ? And tell us about this tournament if you still remember it … hehe :D

Answer: I remember this tourney very good! Its like it was yersterday. LiquidIce was the admin of this tourney and without you domenik I wouldn't have taken part at this tournament, because liquid didn’t know me and my skills in cossacks.
Luckily that you inserted a good word for me and liquid set me into the participants list. (thx domenik :-P)
Well to the tourney: My big advantage was that many players underestimated me. There took part so many known players, like Cortes, VrV, Ganibal, Goker, Amytis, Macka, Combat, mc Rasl, Secret and SilentKill. 3 Months before this big tourney I started to play LCN. To the games: I was surprised that I won all my 3 games vs VrV. At this time he was known as one of the best players in Cossacks. I remember that I was very nervous before I played vs him, but somehow I’ve beaten him and when I watch the games now, then I must say that this gamestyle 3 years ago was nearly the same like my strengthness now.
The next good opponent I've beaten was Cortes. I've beaten him 2:1. That were great games in my eyes, maybe just in my eyes. I think Cortes had another point of view about this victory ;)


Let's talk about LCN. Here you certainly bequeathed the greatest impression. With a victory rate of 83%, duel victories of 299:62 in 10pt and an overall amount of 810 in millions 10pt, you can be considered as one of the most active and successful players of the league. I have just checked your statistics and found out that you have positive statistics against players like Shark, Ganibal, Cortes, VRV, Dominator, Jackie and Prototype. In the Global ranking you are second. The only player you have negative statistics against is KGR Ko3ipb, a world class player too without a doubt, was he for you an uncomfortable opponent ? And try to explain us please all these victories against strong players mentioned above! What makes you as strong as you are ? How would you describe yourself as a player ?

Answer: Well after my great success in the West vs East tourney, i've continued with my victory series in LCN. In the past the level of each player in lcn was lower than it is today. There were just some players who played on a high level and had the chance to beat me. Ko3ipb was such a guy who played his own style. Other players say that he is an normal player, but Ko3ipb was such an uncomfortable opponent for me(score 16:24 for him), i can not put it into words! (Anyway thx Ko3ipb for the games ;) and i hope that one day you will come back to LCN!)
One more very strong opponent was VRV. Our score in LCN is 6:5 for me. Well one game more or less, doesn't really say who is better. But i think we were at this time on the same level. Sadly VRV went inactive, that's why he had no routine and i was clear more in form than him.
The most games i played against a strong opponent was definetly Shark. Our score at the moment is 34:8 for me. Hes a good player with good skills, but shark is doing too many mistakes, which gave me many advantages to beat him.
The next big boy is Ganibal.(#1 ;)) The score between him and me is 20:13. His gamestyle always changed. In some games he plays very aggressive and in some games hes camping. We can say a worldclass player with many faces ;). Anyway i liked to play vs him!
Now there were 3 guys i can't really say something about them in LCN, because i just played some games vs them there. The score between Jackie and me is 6:0, but i must say that Jackie is a player who improved his skills in the last half year around about 200%! I saw games of him where i must say "Omg unbelievable strong this guy". Maybe he just had no luck in LCN vs me. Now to my friend Dominator. Our score is about 5:2. Really nothing meaningfull. But i know this guy now since many years, since his name was ARM Urartu :). And he changed into a very strong player, especially in millions 0pt, but also in millions 10pt.
Prototype another newcomer (score 5:2) is a guy with good skills(can i say camper skills?;)), but at the moment not able to beat players like Catty, Cortes, Ganibal, Jackie, Dominator or me in a tourney. His time will come, where he find his own style of playing ;).
The last one to mention is Cortes (score 8:3). You said before "uncomfortable opponent"! I just can say i was an uncomfortable opponent for Cortes.
There are some other strong players in LCN, like Fire, Mystic, Goker, Snikers, plush, Kaktyk, soulja, lexus, mahmoud, icequeen and many more but i really cant mention all.

Admittedly, by the amount of gold medals in LCN  & RLIGA Cortes is in front of you. But the great majority of duels you have won against him. How do you explain this contradiction ? Why these lack of titles in Rush-league ( just 2 wins in 3 years)?
A player of your size has the potential to have more gold medals than Cortes or VRV . What's the problem ?

Answer: That's right domenik. In Rush-league i have the problem that i mostly have no luck. There are sometimes opponents who i never lost against before. But always it happens that especially these opponents doing such a strong game vs me, or have big luck, that they win me! Another point is, when you see that you have an easy opponent, you think "you beat him without any problems" and then you don't play your best. Thats the main reason i lost so often in rush-league.


You are also known as a strong competitor in “Speed-war”. What do you like about this option and what makes your strong here ?

Answer: Like?? Not really... i hate this option! I just play it to get some points. In 0pt all can happen. Your opponent is attacking you with one pike and you lose a barrack or a stable and the game is over! Where's the skill there?? Stupid option!

Always when you come back to LCN after a long time of inactivity, you manage to win almost all of your duels, how are you doing that ? Is mental strength your secret ? Do you prepare ? Explain us your secrets! What makes you the 2nd best player in millions ?

Answer: The thing is to understand the game, what to do when your opponent is attacking you, or what to do when i attack my opponent and when your hussars attack is the most efficient.
The best thing you can do to learn cossacks is watching records and copy the things you see there. Then from time to time you create your own gamestyle!


In December 2010 a truly great event took place. The union between KGR & BOB. You, Mustang, Baumi, Pacman and Adulazech have joined our clan. With that union have we underpinned  our dominance in millions as a clan again. How was it for you to come to KGR ?

Answer: First of all i must mention that we discussed it a half year before in 2010. But there we were unsure about this union. Now 2 years after our union i must say it was the best thing we had done. Kgr is after that union the best million clan until now :) (And those who don't think so: Ask us about a tourney and we will see! ;))


Lately, have I read of somebody, that it is unfortunate, that we are both in the same clan, because we would be no rivals anymore. In my understanding we don't need to be official rivals, because we are great friends and had a lot of fun together, not to forget the influence we have on each other in our game style. There is something like a competition between us but in a friendly and playful way. I enjoy it. How would you describe this situation ? What kind of influence did I have on you as a player ? How do you understand your role in the clan ? Do you plan to be stronger than me in the future ? :) Any other thoughts ?

Answer: Difficult questions my clan leader!
I want start at the beginning. The option Aop got boring for me and i wanted to play something new ->DEF<-. I didnt know who is good or bad in def and i remember our first game really good domenik ;). I joined your game, you had denmark and i with my arrogance took poland and wrote before the game started gg! Well of course i had no chance vs denmark with poland ;). Somehow i got to know that you are the number one in cossacks. That was the reason i downloaded some games of you from lcn  and analysed your game-style. That was the reason, there was a time i played like you domenik. Простой запуск вулкан клуб сайта для игры позволит выиграть огромную сумму денег. Официальный сайт Вулкан клуб позволяет играть во все популярные игровые автоматы рунета. Азартные игры позволяют расслабиться и получить массу удовольствия. В этом вся суть игры на деньги. But now i mixed it with some of my own skills and got unbeatable :P. You ask me my role in the clan? I'm just a normal player here. We are good friends and im very happy that im a part of KGR ;).


How is it for you to play against me?

Answer: Ok domenik... You are such a damn uncomfortable opponent. Every time i try to attack you, you are one step ahead! And the biggest problem is that you mostly do zero mistakes! That makes it so difficult to beat you.


We all thought the era of 45 minutes camp games is history, but in the last 6 months a player named Prototype has dragged this infamous strategy out of the history-box playing with a lot of houses, shipyards and boats and sleeping with formations in front of his base. What do you think about that in general and how do you rate Prototype as a player in comparison to you or me for example, but also in comparison to others? On this occasion, could you also tell us who are you current top 5 def-players, or top 10 if you want to tell? You may also include yourself in the list, don't be humble. :)

Answer: I heard and i already played vs this tactic of prototype. Well this tactic isn't the most effective one. The thing is that just a few people know how to play against his camp. Mostly all players lose their nervs and attack him after 5 min. But the thing is to camp too and built houses, raid him, kill some units of him, if he doesn't defend them. (In my eyes camping isn't a glory way to win an opponent. It's a tactic for players who don't know how to attack ;)...And well isn't it satisfying to beat your opponent with the help of an attack?)
Wow a top 10 list is very difficoult. There are so many players who are at the same level, but i will try it

top 10 active players:

1.Catty (Without any doubts the best player in millions)
3.Ganibal (Since years in the top 10)
4.Jackie (Had shown in many games unbelievable army control)
5.Dominator (Had shown, and will show again his dominance in lcn)
6.Prototype (Always want to win, so difficoult to beat him)
7.Example (Grown up to an very good player in lcn)
8.Mystic (was stronger in past, but is able to beat many lcn players)
9.Mahmoud (grown up to a very good player)
10.Gio (very difficoult to beat cause of his exellent reactions)

top 10 for all time (ill take me out):



What keeps you playing Cossacks ? Do you still have aims ?

Answer: My aim is to have fun in this game :). In past i had the aim to get the best. But still I know i can't reach Catty, i just play it for fun :P.


If there was an award for the most friendly and fair player, you would be a habitue, on this title. Even the greatest rivals and people with aggressive characters, talk about you with a lot of respect and benevolence. What is your secret to control your emotions to well ? Are you happy after your lost ? :)

Answer: Happy after a lose? Not really no. If it's a defeat caused by a walk, mutiny or a famine then im still smooth. If it's a defeat caused i played not my best then i could get crazy! Mostly i want a re and win it then!

Congratulations to your Rushleague Victory with Saxony. How was the tournament for you and how did you experience the games, especially the finale ?

This victory was really unexpected from my site. Saxony is one of my worst nations, that's why i just took part to have some fun there.
The tourney started really bad vs let_it_be. I already lost this game, because i played drags and my drags skills are really really bad ;). Somehow i won this and i set myself the goal to play only huss in the next games. The next opponents i had to beat were Ganibal, Mystic and Icequeen to reach the final. The most difficult game from there was vs Mystic, because he camped the whole game...
After i won icequeen in the half final i set me the goal to win this rush-league.
So the final game was a total camp game. My opponent played drags and i played husars. My advantage was that arlekino didn't build any houses. So i took over the whole map and killed him with the advantage of 1000 units more. Really gg! #1 :)

Is there anything else you still want to say ?

Answer: Just thanks for the interview ;)


Thank you for the “short” interview my friend! Hehe :P

Criticism and tribute is welcome of course ! :) Hope you enjoyed it.



Разместил: [KGR]Catweazel

Еще по теме


Victor, i wanted to add a photo of Pumba and me below the interview. I had to upload it to LCN server, but i didin't find it and didn't know what to do. Can you please find the foto on the server and upload it in the end under our names ?
добавлено 18 May 2012  02:08
ohhh I i forgot my big friend mr Müstang in this interview who always was a very good and strong opponent :)
добавлено 18 May 2012  02:13
Interesting interview and very detailed. I believe you that it really took a lot of time :D
добавлено 18 May 2012  02:29
good interview!
добавлено 18 May 2012  07:40
"with one of the very best" ====> best of the best of the best of the best of the best ... :D
добавлено 18 May 2012  08:48
Very good job! Chris,to be honest I thought you were writing a book! something like mmm "My life in Cossacks") xdd!But it was worth it mate!
добавлено 18 May 2012  09:47
hehe kaban #1, very nice interview :P !
добавлено 18 May 2012  10:09
one of the very best millions-players of all times @@@@ Кот ты че с марса прилетел? Если он вери бест оф ол тайм, то я сипанский лётчки, а ганибал круче файтера на штуке.
добавлено 18 May 2012  11:12
?? say in english !
добавлено 18 May 2012  11:15
i think vista is wondering why hes not in the top 10 list
добавлено 18 May 2012  11:29
добавлено 18 May 2012  11:37
Vista crazy ufoman:D
добавлено 18 May 2012  12:03
one of the very best millions-players of all times @@@@ Cat, are you in Mars plain? If pumba very best of all time , then i Spain plantyer , and Ganibal most strongest to Foghter in 1000 0 pt.Так понятно?
добавлено 18 May 2012  12:15
лол хватит со мной примеры приводить) летчик
добавлено 18 May 2012  12:25
@[UKRAINA]Vista: Seems like you don't really know Pumba...
добавлено 18 May 2012  12:34
so vista show us your top 10 in def 10pt. sec i do it for you: 1.Vista 2.Vista 3.Vista 4.Vista 5.Vista 6.My mom 7.My dad 8.Vista 9.Vista 10.My hamster
добавлено 18 May 2012  12:35
Pumba xDDDD
добавлено 18 May 2012  12:35
Very nice interview :) Sure without any doubts Pumba the second strongest player after my friend Domenik :) Vista Don't know him so no problem he can talk :)
добавлено 18 May 2012  13:48
Мистик не в форме так сразу всякие джеки, прототипы и тем более нубье вроде экзамла ирают лучше? Ну-ну :)
добавлено 18 May 2012  14:03
[GOTT]Mystic noob !! экзамла garazda mludshe igraet chem ti
добавлено 18 May 2012  14:05
nice Pumba :=)
добавлено 18 May 2012  14:07
[CWC]G1O - нуб это ты и все игроки клана cwc тоже нубы.
добавлено 18 May 2012  14:11
С любым из вас у меня личная статистика в +, я делаю вас в игроке сезона на дефе. Потому вы - нубы.
добавлено 18 May 2012  14:12
Ну и в общем рейтинге за всю историю я намного выше чем любой ваш игрок. Вы - нубы.
добавлено 18 May 2012  14:13
adinoki mystik slush ti noob ti pachti vse paslednie igri samnoi i exampem praigral, i isho ti na pervom meste patamu chto ia pervuiu 10 pachemuta ne bil kagda ti 10 titl vigral padriad i pavezlo, patom atnial ia tebia titul no patom sluchaino toje samoe staboe bilo title i pavezlo tebe.
добавлено 18 May 2012  14:22
Noob cwc gio shitaet, chto esli on igraet v noob klane, to eto kruto i drugie emu dolzhni zavidovat. Mozhna sdelat vivod chto noob cwc gio adinoky po zhizni chelovek i u nego kakoy-to komplex svyzanniy s tem chto kto-to mozhet igrat bez kuchi noobov v klane. Noob cwc shitaet chto esli on viigral pasledniy odin igra u TOP player, to eto znachit chto on samiy luchshiy, i zabivaet chto predidushie igri slil. Noob cwc zabil chto viigral togda title game tolko iz za togo chto u sopernika ne bilo resov i zabil chto v next title poluchil svoe i uznal kto viigral slychaino tittle a kto na samom dele po urovny igri. I eshe u noob cwc clan komplex, kotoriy noob cwc clan pitaetsya prikrit zalivaya vse igri kotorie oni sumeli viigrat'. Pust noob cwc smotrit s statistiku igrok sezona i znaet svoy noob mesto.
добавлено 18 May 2012  15:02
All games: [GOTT]34:13[CWC]. Who is noob? :D
добавлено 18 May 2012  15:05
Мистик тебя последниее время екзампл делает!!!+ у свс лучее отношение к другим игрокам чем у тебя!!! Еще бы кто то перевел)Настя за работу!!!
добавлено 18 May 2012  15:09
[UKRAINA]Daspero аргументируй. Последние 5 игр 3 моих победы 2 его. Последние 10 игр 6 моих побед, 4 его. Это как бы с учетом того, что последние 2 месяца я играю довольно слабо.
добавлено 18 May 2012  15:19
ia kagdata trogal knau GOTT samnoi gavri balnoi, i ne kusai igrokam CWC na adnom meste!!! adinoki kto vse vidiat sdes ! she ylistruba shena !
добавлено 18 May 2012  15:20
i ne trogai pacanov katoroi isho god ne igraiut LCN, samnoi i examplem sravnaisia v igre .. ti toka umeesh sidet na baze i kempet bolshe nechevo i atvadit formu akuratno bolshe nechevo ne umeeesh v igre narmalno
добавлено 18 May 2012  15:26
De mystic shos napishe, tam obov'yazkovo yakas leleka z klanu cwc z'yavitsya i shos pezdne u moyu storonu. [CWC]G1O свои комплексы по поводу "одинокий" при себе оставь, понял? И называть больными своих друзей и родственников будешь.
добавлено 18 May 2012  15:28
ne ponial ne xochish pruchit menia ?) prixadi nauchi chtob ia ponial
добавлено 18 May 2012  15:30
[CWC]G1O тебе какое дело как я играю? Ха, еще твоего мнения мне не хватало. Пошли сыграем турнир все нации, проигравший на год с LCN снимается. Посмотрим че там ты умеешь.
добавлено 18 May 2012  15:30
Don't forget, it's englishspeaking blog)
добавлено 18 May 2012  15:30
[UKRAINA]Vista: ты полный бред несешь. Пумба один из лучших игроков на (10 пт). А твои слова просто бред!
добавлено 18 May 2012  15:32
vo tak mludshe , nenado bilo example sdes trogat i nechevo ne bilo bi, na gs dliamenia garazda interesnie igorki chem ti, ia lubliu igrat igri dlia fun , a staboi ne paluchaetsia , i lcn xvataet .. bidit isho igri na lcn ne valnusia
добавлено 18 May 2012  15:39
English please guys ! :-)
добавлено 18 May 2012  15:42
good interviu , pumba one of the best million player , for me 5 best player are cat, VRV , cortes , pumba i gani. cat is the best , but VRV is very good , I think if VRV will be more active dont be sure who will be best cat or VRV
добавлено 18 May 2012  15:46
i will be. I have after everything else, more experience than VRV as well.
добавлено 18 May 2012  15:49
[CWC]G1O вот и не ляпай про то что я нуб, понял?. Статистика LCN в играх с тобой и exanple говорит обратное. Не принимаете ее? Без проблем, в любое время турнир все нации с любым из вас. Проигравший снимается с LCN на год. Нет? Тогда еще раз - не ляпайте то за что потом не можете ответить. GL.
добавлено 18 May 2012  15:49
vot nasha statistika na 10 pt[CWC]G1O&player2=[GOTT]Mystic&rules=1000000 24 pabed umenia i 23 praigrish , vrode 24 mnoga chem 23 , shitat nauchi turnir igrikom skatorom ne interesna zachem chtob emu nauchit isho igrat , mne nekagda
добавлено 18 May 2012  15:57
[CWC]G1O, u didn't see Cortes games) Cortes, Cat and VRV - three best million player, and it's impossible to determine the best.
добавлено 18 May 2012  16:00
[CWC]G1O всего 18 игр 10 побед у меня, 8 у тебя. Че ты там насчитал? На 0пт, который я не играю - 2 победы у меня, 0 у тебя. Итого 12:8. Постараюсь сделать в скором времени 16:8. Жду тебя в следующих играх.
добавлено 18 May 2012  16:09
[-SKY-]^BoJIK^: yes I think so
добавлено 18 May 2012  16:11
Its possible! Catty is on the top without any doubts he will beat cortes and vrv in nearly every tourney. After it is VrV! In my eyes Cortes wasnt able in his best time to beat VrV in a tourney well and cortes ( i think you overrate him all)...
добавлено 18 May 2012  16:15
У меня недавно один, который сыграл много игр в LCN как со мной так и cwc, спросил как я умудряюсь еще что-то проигрывать cwc?) Я и сам не знаю, не идет игра в последнее время :( Вон тому же сейчас 2 игры проиграл, хоят до этого 9 игр подряд выиграл. Надо исправляться и возвращать свое имя ;)
добавлено 18 May 2012  16:17
такой веселый срач)
добавлено 18 May 2012  16:23
[-1Nt-]_Ganibal_, палата мер и х..в :)
добавлено 18 May 2012  16:52
добавлено 18 May 2012  17:04
Допустили буржуя до блога - теперь в каждом вопросе будут десятки ответов от самого кота. я хоть и не последний лямщик, но все же обнаглеть до того как кот это делает и называть себя полубогом не буду - надо было кого хотел того и сносил.
добавлено 18 May 2012  17:21
Топы тут Мистик, Львов, Вырывы, ганя, а о пумбе о котэ я ваще не слышал, и перестанте его называть кетти, ато меня это бесит больше чем новость о гей параде в киеве.
добавлено 18 May 2012  17:40
Че перевод бы неплохо.
добавлено 18 May 2012  18:56
idi gulai mystik ili zavedi druzei , tibia naverna kagda koshmari snitsia tam glavnoe role igroki CWC
добавлено 18 May 2012  19:11
Гио в точку)
добавлено 18 May 2012  19:24
[UKRAINA]Daspero скройся отсюда,по морде бы тебе за такие приколы настучать!
добавлено 18 May 2012  19:31
[BMC]^UnbeVi^ что уже сникерса бросил? ай ай ай не хорошо...
добавлено 18 May 2012  19:35
Интервью хорошее, только было бы лучше, по больше о реальной жизни. Учеба, работа, семья, дети и т.п. сам, я, не претендую на топ10 и т.п., могу сыграть слабо, могу лучше, зависит от желание, и настроя. Но, конечно, приятно видеть когда ты находишься в списке лучших, у кого либо игрока. Приятно, когда уважают твой уровень игры. Мистик, будь проще, не красиво бросаться словами.
добавлено 18 May 2012  20:33
[UKRAINA]Vista: бред
добавлено 18 May 2012  21:27
мистик не в форме? мистик последние 2 месяца играет слабо? ты как раньше играл слабо, так и сейчас (: не льсти себе
добавлено 18 May 2012  21:50
кстати, мистик напоминает в своё время Гокера) тоже всем доказывал, как их сносил и сразу статистику игр показывал) Один успокоился, другой появился))
добавлено 18 May 2012  21:56
"[KGR]ICeQuEeN: [UKRAINA]Daspero скройся отсюда,по морде бы тебе за такие приколы настучать!"????????Ты о чем??????Если хочеш могу писать плохие слова про Кота и Пумбу!!!!Если тебе не нравиться про мистика!!!!Хотя наверно никогда не буду!!!Они лучии и все ето знаю но не могут признаться себе в етом!Наверно только ИНТ и ЕЛЬ могут им показать что не они 1 правлят миром лям)))))И канешно же Виста)))
добавлено 18 May 2012  22:23
[-SKY-]^ARAGORN^ добавляйся на деф 10 пт, я тебе еще накидаю :)
добавлено 18 May 2012  22:38
[UKRAINA]Daspero та мне абсолютно по барабану что до мистика,что тебя , что до твоих фанатов. не улавливаешь грани между юмором и хамством - не открывай свой рот.вшатала бы,сразу понял о чем я.
добавлено 18 May 2012  23:20
[GOTT]Mystic я то добавился, но там резина. И не смотря на то, сколько я не играл, да и нет особого желания, если встречусь с тобой, буду играть в твоём стиле)
добавлено 18 May 2012  23:24
[-SKY-]^ARAGORN^ молодец, попытка копировать игру топ игрока - это несомненно движение вперед!
добавлено 18 May 2012  23:41
ну такого топа, как ты - это просто деградация в игре) но таких и нужно бить их методами) короче до встречи в игре)
добавлено 19 May 2012  00:06
Kgr is after that union the best million clan until now :) (And those who don't think so: Ask us about a tourney and we will see! ;)) blah blah blah
добавлено 19 May 2012  08:33
again this theme :) Iceberg you really want to challange a clan where the most players are inactive? Is this then really a victory for you?? If we would challange you now, would you accept it? I think you would say no!
добавлено 19 May 2012  09:48
The thing is i announced my inactivity 1 month ago...where were you there?? just waiting this one month and then asking KGR about a tourney?? Well iceberg i didnt really think that you have the knowledge to understand this .....
добавлено 19 May 2012  09:51
[-1Nt-]_ICE[b]ErG_: Kgr is after that union the best million clan until now :) ---------------------- And that from your mouth, i feel delighted.
добавлено 19 May 2012  10:50
Хан трансейт мона?
добавлено 19 May 2012  12:41
хотелось бы переод) П.С [UKRAINA]Vista Львив топ, Пумба нет? чет новое, и довольно смшное)
добавлено 19 May 2012  14:41
Львов топ? лолшто?
добавлено 19 May 2012  14:56
very good interview, Pumba real!!!!
добавлено 19 May 2012  16:07
нубье разоралось))видать празднуют, то что я ушел)топами опять же себя называют))
добавлено 19 May 2012  17:00
Прототип, за что тебя опять?)
добавлено 19 May 2012  17:37
[-SKY-]^ARAGORN^: я сам) пора взрослеть) а не казаки задротить попосту.
добавлено 19 May 2012  18:19
типа, сам нагрубил, понимая, что забанят?) наконец-то ты это понял)
добавлено 19 May 2012  18:48
[-SKY-]^ARAGORN^ он тебе сейчас расскажит. В прошлый раз, когда он сейв подделывал в титульной игре со мной - и когда его забанили он тоже говорил, что специально сам себя забанил :D
добавлено 19 May 2012  19:34
добавлено 20 May 2012  00:26
I want to say that i feel delighted about the interest this interview has caused. 950 clicks are also a confirmation for me write more articles or interviews in the future. Thanks to the followers !
добавлено 20 May 2012  15:35
о дааааа.... Львив это самый-самый топ! вуахахах
добавлено 20 May 2012  20:35
топ по шнуродерганию он
добавлено 20 May 2012  20:40
Mustik, kagda o statiske gavarish, ni zabud shto ia ni bolshe chem 3 meseca kak normalno igraiu. Do etava ia sam tebe gavaril shto ti ludshe menia, no tebe nikagda ne xvateu mujestvo preznat takoe, adinoki. Isho dumaiu shto ti uje zabil nashot podarok ot menia 2-0 v proshlom mesiace. Ti slab! I vremia kemperov ushla davno!
добавлено 20 May 2012  21:12
Interesting interwiev! Cat will u write more? If ye, what are u going to write next? Make same intrigs :-D
добавлено 20 May 2012  21:19
[CWC]^EXAMPLE^ гиви, что ты ляпаешь? Ты думаешь я не могу пойти в любой клан в который захочу? Могу без проблем. В любой. Только не хочу. Потому закрой свой рот и сиди тихо-тихо. Если у тебя какие-то комплексы в жизни, то не надо их переводить на игру и на нормальных, здоровых людей, понял? Про 3 месяца пой дальше деточка. Не знаю только кому это интересно.
добавлено 20 May 2012  22:04
мистик, ну точно не в любой =)
добавлено 20 May 2012  22:07
Nashot v luboi ni znaiu no v prime tebe 100% primut ;-) no vabshe shto setim xatel skazat ni ponimaiu, adinoki?
добавлено 20 May 2012  22:16
Ах вот оно что... а ведь действительно, я думаю, что игроки клана CWC так любят употреблять слово одинокий. Это у них на подсознательном уровне. Их клан - это по сути своеобразная грузинская резервация в нашем казакерском мире. Сидят там у себя на сайтике, строчат что-то на своем непонятном грузинском языке. Отшельники, более подходящего слова мне не подобрать.
добавлено 20 May 2012  22:27
bolshe del netu a tee dumat, idi gulai ne i ne nado bilo vnachale trogat example..
добавлено 21 May 2012  06:44
Да Пумба хороший игрок -))
добавлено 21 May 2012  11:23
nice interview, i also think that currently pumba is 2nd best default player.. and for me cortes = vrv = prototype... and vrv and proto not even in top 5 of best players of all time.... they just copy cortes, but cortes wasnt only camper, he had much expierience and saw that that tactic was the hardest to beat and thats why he played it, vrv and prototype just copied it, and if something different happens in a game they dont know what to do, especially prototype.... mystic, gio, example, much better than prototype.. btw; vista is living in a dreamworld ;) well done pumba & cat peace
добавлено 21 May 2012  15:47
and mahmoud* =)
добавлено 21 May 2012  15:49
епты, и я вставлю свои никому не нужные 5 копеек!! зион лучше интов элей и кгров!!
добавлено 22 May 2012  01:05
а я томат
добавлено 22 May 2012  18:37
это все знают:)
добавлено 22 May 2012  19:56
okay :(
добавлено 22 May 2012  21:35
true plush :)
добавлено 22 May 2012  22:34
comment number 100 ! xD
добавлено 23 May 2012  12:59
добавлено 23 May 2012  13:54
102 - Столько имен запретило давать детям Новозеландское бюро регистрации новорожденных, умерших и сочетавшихся браком. Среди запрещенных имен — Мессия, Люцифер, Адольф Гитлер, Мистер, Судья и Справедливость.
добавлено 23 May 2012  14:12
G1o игнорируй мистика ) зачем он вам нужен ? не нужно опускать себя общением с ним
добавлено 30 May 2012  12:50
104 i will be back!!!!
добавлено 1 Jun 2012  09:32
[-1Nt-]_infusion_, о как. Не опускать себя общением со мной?) А тут вот например не далее как неделю назад один из ваших лидеров меня в клан звал.
добавлено 1 Jun 2012  10:42
nechevo ne skajesh eta tak )))
добавлено 1 Jun 2012  22:59
Зря звал, всеравно бы не взяли ;)
добавлено 3 Jun 2012  18:13
idi gulai mystik ili zavedi druzei , tibia naverna kagda koshmari snitsia tam glavnoe role igroki CWC lol :D
добавлено 5 Jun 2012  20:22
[CWC]-TaMa3 забыл тебя клоуна спросить, что мне делать.
добавлено 7 Jun 2012  11:50
[-1Nt-]_ICE[b]ErG_ ахах, ну да, ну да.
добавлено 7 Jun 2012  11:55
[GOTT]Mystic sam ti kloun slava viberai
добавлено 7 Jun 2012  12:56
серьезна, 1 лидер мало чего решает, так что это был необдуманный ход с его стороны ;) пацаны вообще раскисли - неузнаю их уже :((
добавлено 7 Jun 2012  17:07
Да и после такого "интервью" пиара бест кгр и пумбы в частности, нельзя было проигрывать вообще ;) а так еще раз доказали, что они балаболы, достаточно посмотреть сейчас игры пумпы, разве бест может два раза подрят одной и тойже нацией да и не топ игрокам,а обычным среднякам ;)) вафля все ваши бесты с крг :)
добавлено 7 Jun 2012  18:17
добавлено 9 Jun 2012  09:27

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